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Serving Our Customers Worldwide for Over 20 Years

Hope Industrial Systems is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, USA, but our presence is known worldwide. One of our corporate principles is:

“We will be good servants to our customers by giving them superior support and service and by treating all customers equally well.”

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All the Support You Need, When You Need It

At Hope Industrial Systems, one of our goals is to ensure that you have quick access to whatever you need. Our website provides easy navigation to find exactly what you may require for your project! You can start a quick chat with our Support team, find mechanical drawings or manuals for our industrial products, and learn more about the certifications for our industrial monitors.

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Hope Industrial Systems Continuing to Operate Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to change across the world and we want to keep you updated on how Hope Industrial Systems is operating in the midst of it. Because we are a Critical Infrastructure business, we have remained open during the entire course of this pandemic and we will continue to operate under our normal business hours as long as circumstances allow.

Our stock levels are high – most monitors and accessories are in stock and ready to ship – and our supply chain is secure. As a manufacturer of essential equipment, we will continue to provide the same industry-leading service and support our customers know to expect from us.

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Did you know all Hope Industrial Systems monitors are rated for hazardous locations?

19.5″ Industrial Panel Mount Monitor and Touch Screen, front and side views
19.5″ Industrial Panel Mount Monitor and Touch Screen

Hope Industrial Systems has been shipping HazLoc-rated monitors for 10 years now. But did you know that every one of our industrial monitors and touch screens, as well as monitor-mounted keyboards, is rated for hazardous locations?

According to the National Electrical Code (NEC), hazardous locations are areas “where fire or explosion hazards may exist due to flammable gases or vapors, flammable liquids, combustible dust, or ignitable fibers or flyings.”

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Conflict Minerals Compliance

Increasing international attention concerning the extraction, processing, and use of “Conflict Minerals” originating from mining operations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and adjoining countries prompted the United States Congress to enact the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which requires publicly traded companies utilizing conflict minerals in their products to disclose the source of such minerals. The legislation was enacted in an effort to dissuade companies from continuing to engage in mineral trade, which directly or indirectly supports regional conflicts.

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4-Year Warranty Badge for Hope Industrial Systems

New Standard 4-Year Warranty for Hope Industrial Products

4-Year Warranty Badge for Hope Industrial SystemsEffective immediately, HIS is increasing our standard warranty to 4 years. And, it’s retroactive – all products we have shipped since October 23, 2015 are covered. All other warranty terms stay the same.

We’ve shipped over 125,000 monitors since announcing the industry-first 3-year warranty in 2001 and the good news for our customers (and for us) is that our products rarely fail on their own. But now you have the assurance that, if one does, you are covered for 48 months!

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17" Panel Mount and 23" Universal Mount Monitor with DC Power shown

DC Power Versions of All Industrial Monitors and Touch Screens

In case you didn’t already know, all of Hope Industrial Systems’ industrial monitors and touch screens are available with either AC or DC power input. These units operate with an input range of 9.6 to 36.6 VDC and are equipped with an industrial pluggable terminal block with locking screws. An AC-to-DC power supply is available for bench testing. These monitors include the same 4-year warranty, 30-day total satisfaction guarantee, quick shipping, and superior customer service that you have come to expect from Hope Industrial Systems.

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New Fixed Wall Mount Keyboard, shown in Stainless Steel with R3 Keypad

New Fixed Wall Mount Keyboards to Complete Your Workstation

New Fixed Wall Mount Keyboard, shown in Stainless Steel with R3 KeypadHope Industrial Systems is excited to introduce our new Industrial Fixed Wall Mount Keyboards. Designed to be bolted to any vertical surface with cables routed behind the mounting surface, this new mounting option provides the user with a clean and uncluttered installation. Starting at just $735, these new keyboard models include the same rugged industrial specifications as our existing keyboards and include our standard 4-year warranty.

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ELO Control Panel

Installing and Calibrating your Hope Industrial Touch Screen

One of the most common questions our Tech Support group receives is how to calibrate the touch screen, usually during the initial installation. To help users through the process, we’ve created this step-by-step guide for Microsoft Windows users. 

Depending on how far off your alignment is, it might be necessary to temporarily connect a mouse to perform these steps.

These instructions apply to Windows versions 7, 8, and 10 when using the USB touch screen interface – there may be small differences depending on your version.

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