Environmental Ratings: Third-Party Certification vs. Self-Certification

Did you know that NEMA does not require independent testing of monitor enclosures to assure compliance? Because of this, many industrial monitor manufacturers actually “self-certify” their products as being NEMA-rated or IP-sealed, leaving the customer at the mercy of whatever testing methods the manufacturer has decided to use.

At Hope Industrial Systems, we take a different approach.Although our in-house testing laboratory and our relationships with NEMA experts allow us to test to NEMA standards effectively, we go one step further and submit most of our products to qualified Underwriters Laboratories (UL) evaluators for independent testing.  Since, NEMA roughly ratings correspond to international IP ratings for environmental exposure – these tests also certify worthiness for IP 65/66 environments.

This of course involves considerable expense and effort on our part, but we as a company have made the choice to do this to assure our customers of our products’ ability to withstand the environmental challenges of a host of different industrial environments. Our products are installed in steel mills, tire plants, a variety of food and beverage plants, and many, many other extremely harsh environments.

For more information on our ratings, visit the support section of our website.

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