All the Support You Need, When You Need It

At Hope Industrial Systems, one of our goals is to ensure that you have quick access to whatever you need. Our website provides easy navigation to find exactly what you may require for your project! You can start a quick chat with our Support team, find mechanical drawings or manuals for our industrial products, and learn more about the certifications for our industrial monitors.

What support can you find on the HIS website?

  • Online chat feature – have a quick question or need more information on something? Simply start a chat to be connected to one of our friendly Sales reps.
  • Expanded FAQ section
  • Blog posts – find answers to common questions and technical issues, tricks and tips, and recent news from HIS
  • Detailed certification pages, including:
  • Product Documentation libraries for all of our current and past products, including:
    • 2D mechanical drawings – pdf and CAD/DXF formats
    • 3D drawings – STEP and SolidWorks formats
    • User manuals
    • Installation instructions
  • Drivers and downloads for touch screens and KVM extenders

Let us know if there is anything else you would like to see available on our website. And as always, you can contact our Sales or Support teams for any additional help you might need.

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