Introducing Our Stainless Steel Wall Mount Arm

The first stainless steel wall arm that costs less than a Hope Industrial Systems monitor!

This new arm is constructed of high quality, heavy-gauge stainless steel, and is designed for industrial environments that demand NEMA 4X certification. Also, it comes with our standard 4-year warranty and 30-day total satisfaction guarantee.

Why did Hope Industrial Systems decide to develop a stainless steel wall mount arm?

For a long time, our customers have been asking us where they can find an affordable stainless steel wall arm that didn’t cost more than our monitors. All we could do was point them in the direction of some nice arms, but those could cost up to twice as much as one of our monitors.

Since our mission has always been to help our customers locate affordable display stations wherever they are needed in the factory, and since none of the arm manufacturers had a stainless steel arm at the right price, we set out to design our own.

Other than the price and warranty, what’s so great about the new Hope Industrial Systems arm?

Check out these features:

  • Rated at up to 100 lbs., it can easily handle the weight of a fully equipped Universal Mount workstation with all available options, including keyboards and KVM extenders
  • Constructed out of heavy-gauge, corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel, it can handle even the wettest environments.
  • Operators are given maximum flexibility to position the display exactly where they need to view it:
    • Display tilts 30° up or down (yoke can be reversed, allowing 45° tilt up and 15° tilt down) with hand knobs that lock the position into place
    • Triple Articulation – three horizontal pivoting points with friction joints
    • Arm can be folded so the display is only 7.5″ from the wall (10.0″ for the 19″ monitor)
    • Arm can be extended so the display is a full 26.7″ from the wall (28.8″ for the 19″ monitor)
  • Fits all of our NEMA 4/4X Universal Mount monitors and touch screens (15″, 17″, and 19″ LCD displays)
  • Small wall mounting footprint:  54.0 mm (2-1/8″) W  x  177.7 mm (7.0″) H
  • 4-Year Warranty
  • 30-Day Total Satisfaction Guarantee

For more details, please visit the new arm’s web page.

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