Full Line of Industrial Keyboards with 4-Year Warranty

While most of our customers know us as an industrial monitor and touch screen company, we are also a proud manufacturer of a full line of industrial keyboards. All of our rugged keyboards carry our standard 4-year warranty and are rated to NEMA 4/4X standards.

We began selling industrial keyboards in our second year of business in response to customers’ requests to attach a keyboard to our Universal Mount Monitors. Then in 2009 we decided to start manufacturing our own industrial keyboards so we could offer a consistent line of keyboards in a variety of enclosures with our 4-year warranty. Our line of industrial keyboards has 26 different models, so users have plenty of flexibility to choose the configuration that works best for their application.

Product Line Overview

  • 5 Kinds of Enclosures
    • Monitor-Mounted
    • Benchtop
    • Flush Panel Mount
    • 45° Panel Mount
    • Folding Wall Mount
  • 2 Enclosure Material Options
    • Stainless steel
    • Black powder-coated steel
  • 2 Keyboard Overlay Options
    • Full-travel keys with rugged silicone rubber overlay and button pointer
    • Short-travel membrane with touchpad
  • 2 Interface Options
    • USB
    • PS2

Features and Specifications

  • Sealed to NEMA 4 or 4X (IP65/IP66) standards for wash-down applications
  • 4-year warranty on all models
  • Rated to 60°C
  • Rugged keyboard switch overlays with integrated pointing device
  • Separate numeric keypad and function keys

To see all of our industrial keyboard options, please visit our keyboard web page.

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