Product Support

Where can I find 3D drawings of your products?

3D drawings of most Hope Industrial products are available online in both STEP and SolidWorks format.

Drawings can be found on each product's page (see products) and are also centrally located in the documents download section of our support page.

Can I purchase a workstation pre-assembled?

The components of a Hope Industrial workstation do require some assembly, but for those who need the quickest possible setup time most configurations can be ordered pre-assembled.

More information can be found in this article, or by contacting our sales department.

Can a single display/keyboard/touch screen control two different computers?

Some users may wish to use a single workstation to control multiple PCs, switching between the PCs as needed. For applications only requiring video and USB keyboard/mouse, most off-the-shelf KVM switches can be used, such as those commonly found in IT server room environments.

Hope Industrial USB touch screens, however, cannot be used with most KVM switches, since the USB signals used by our touch screens are not the same as those used by a standard USB mouse.

To provide touch screen switching, a KVM switch specifically designed for touch screens must be used. An example of one can be found in this article.

What is a VESA mounting pattern?

“VESA mounting” refers to a standard created by the Video Electronics Standards Association and adhered to by most manufacturers of flat panel displays. Among other things, the VESA standard prescribes four M4 screws spaced in a square pattern, 100mm per side.

This common mounting arrangement can be used both to attach a display to a mount or stand, or to attach a device, such as a small PC or thin client, to the rear of a display.

All Hope Universal Mount Monitors are fitted with a standard 100mm VESA mounting pattern. All Hope Panel Mount Displays either have an integrated VESA pattern, or can be purchased with an optional adapter plate that provides a VESA pattern.

My video source has a DisplayPort/HDMI/VGA/DVI/Composite/Component connection, will it work with your displays?

All Hope Industrial displays are equipped with both analog (VGA) and digital (DVI) video inputs and support a wide range of video formats on these inputs. Using adapters (available from Hope), most other connections are also supported. 

  • HDMI (all versions) and DisplayPort (all versions) - available using a DVI adapter pigtail.
  • Component Video (3, 4, or 5-wire) - available using a RCA/BNC to HD-15 connector. Note that support for the various types of component video (Separate, Combined, or Sync-on-Green) varies by model - please consult our specification pages or ask our Sales team for compatibility information.
  • Composite Video - available using a Composite > VGA converter.

Note that compatibility depends on both the physical connector and the video signal format itself. Please contact our support team for more information on compatibility with your video source or PC.

Can I use a stylus with my touch screen?

Yes, Hope Industrial touch screens use resistive technology, which is pressure-sensitive and can be used with any type of stylus, as long as it is not sharp or rough (which could damage the touch screen surface). Please contact our sales department for more information.

Are your touch screens compatible with Linux operating systems?

Support for Linux-based operating systems is available through both native drivers and by using driver-less methods that rely on the HID device compatibility of our touch screens. A full review of the available methods is available on our blog.

You may also contact our support group for information specific to your environment and applications.

What products can I use to clean my touch screen?

Any standard glass cleaner can be used to clean a Hope Industrial touch screen.

Are Hope Industrial products RoHS / REACH / WEEE compliant?

RoHS is discussed further on our CE Certification and RoHS page. WEEE and REACH are discussed in detail on our REACH and WEEE Compliance page.

How often does the touch screen need to be re-calibrated?

After initial setup, the touch screen should not require periodic re-calibration. Installing new drivers could erase a previous calibration and at time re-calibration is done by preference since some users prefer a different calibration style (e.g.: pointer centered on the finger-tip vs. centered on the finger).

Will fingerprints or dirt affect touch screen operation?

No, the presence of dirt, fingerprints, or liquid on the touch screen surface will not affect the operation of a properly installed display.

Can multiple touch screens be connected to the same computer?

Yes, our touch screen drivers allow multiple displays to be connected to a single PC, whether in mirroring mode (multiple screens showing the same desktop) or extended desktop (a single desktop stretched across multiple displays).

Our Windows drivers allow each touch screen to be calibrated independently, whether you are using USB or Serial for connection to the PC. Once configured, the cursor will follow your finger to any connected touch screen. For configuration help or more information, please contact our support group for assistance.

Can multiple computers be connected to the same touch screen?

Connecting multiple computers to the same touch screen requires the use of a KVM switch that has been specifically designed to handle switching of USB touch screens. KVM switches intended for use with a standard mouse (the type commonly used in server rooms) will generally not work with Hope Industrial touch screens.

Please visit this post on our blog for a KVM switch review that has been certified by Hope Industrial for use with our USB touch screens.

Do Hope Industrial touch screens work while wearing gloves?

Yes, all Hope Industrial touch screens use resistive touch technology, which is pressure sensitive. This means it will work with a finger, a glove, a stylus, or anything else that applies pressure to the screen surface.

What chemicals can Hope Industrial products safely tolerate?

Hope Industrial products are engineered using materials specifically chosen for high resistance to the types of corrosive chemicals and gases commonly found in industrial and manufacturing environments. Resistance to any chemical depends not only on the materials and chemical in question, but on other factors, including chemical concentration, exposure time, and ambient temperature.

We have created an overview chart that lists each exterior material used in the construction of Hope Industrial products, along with a list of common chemicals each material can tolerate. This list can be used to qualify suitability of our products for your environment.

If you do not see a chemical in your environment on the list, or you would like more information, please contact us for detailed guidance from our engineering department.

Which computer operating systems do the touch screen drivers support?

Drivers are available for a wide variety of current and legacy operating systems, including all major Windows versions, Microsoft Embedded operating systems, Apple Mac, and many others. A full list and downloadable drivers are available in our support section.

Are drivers required for the touch screen?

All Hope Industrial touch screens are recognized as USB HID devices, but a driver is required for calibration and more advanced features, like Hold-to-Right-Click.

Drivers are available for a wide variety of operating systems and shipped on a CD-ROM with each touch screen. The latest drivers are also always available in our support section.

Are your touch screens compatible with ThinManager?

Yes, Hope Industrial monitors and touch screens work with ThinManager software. Our customers have been using our touch screens with ThinManager for over 18 years. Technical support for ThinManager software is available on the ThinManager website. See the "How do I calibrate touch screens" and "What touch screen module should I use?" questions for detailed instructions.

You may also contact our support group for additional assistance.

How do I install and calibrate my Hope Industrial touch screen?

Before calibrating your touch screen, the Elo Touch Screen driver must be installed. If you will be using a USB connection, it is very important that the USB cable is left unplugged until the touch screen driver has been successfully installed. If you will be using a Serial connection, connect the Serial cable first, and then install the touch screen driver.

Detailed instructions can be found in each monitor’s user manual, located in the Support Items section on the individual product pages and also in the Documentation section of our support page.

Microsoft Windows users who are using a USB touch screen interface can visit this post on our blog for a step-by-step guide on installing and calibrating your Hope Industrial touch screen.

You may also contact our support group for additional assistance.

Can Hope Industrial monitors be utilized in outdoor environments?

Hope Industrial monitors and touch screens are primarily designed for indoor use. If you are considering using our monitors outdoors, there are several factors to take into account:

  • The brightness of the monitor may be insufficient for clear viewing when exposed to direct sunlight.
  • It is crucial to ensure that the external temperature remains within the specified ranges: Hope Industrial monitors have an operating temperature range of 0° to 50°C (32° to 122°F) and a storage temperature range of -20° to 60°C (-4° to 140°F).
  • Hope Industrial resistive touch screens feature a polyester cover sheet with an acrylic hard-coat, which may be adversely affected by UV radiation. We offer alternative touch screen options, such as PCAP, that are more suitable for outdoor use. For further information, please contact our sales department.

Does Hope Industrial comply with the Conflict Minerals law?

Yes, Hope’s Conflict Minerals Report and Statement can be found on our Conflict Minerals Compliance page.

How much heat load does a Hope Industrial Panel Mount Monitor add to my enclosure?

Approximately 50% of the heat of a Hope Panel Mount Monitor dissipates out the front of the monitor.  To determine the heat load created by a Hope Panel Mount Monitor inside an enclosure, multiply the typical power consumption of the monitor by 50%.

We have tested several of our Panel Mount Monitors to determine the exact percentage of heat that is transmitted out of the rear of the monitor into an enclosure.  Below is the percent of heat load of the monitors we tested:

  • 12" Panel Mount Monitors transmit 53% of heat load out of the rear of the monitor
  • 19" Panel Mount Monitors transmit 51% of heat load out of the rear of the monitor
  • 23" Panel Mount Monitors transmit 44% of heat load out of the rear of the monitor

Please contact our support team if you’d like a detailed report.