Rugged Industrial Monitors and Touchscreens for the Factory Floor Products
Rugged Panel Mount Monitors and Industrial Touch Screens

Mount our Panel Mount
Monitor in a Cabinet,
Door, or Rack

Fully enclosed Industrial Universal Mount Monitors and Touch Screens

...or use our fully enclosed
Universal Mount Models

Industrial monitor mounting options

Hang the Universal Mount
on a Wall, Post, or Column...

Mounting options for universal mount industrial monitors

...or bolt it to the floor or benchtop

Thin client and small PC industrial enclosures

Integrate an Industrial
PC Enclosure

Industrial Monitors and Touch Screens

High Quality LCD Displays for Industrial Applications...

- Bright (250 to 400 nits)

- High Contrast Ratios (500:1 to 1000:1)

- Wide Viewing Angles

- Long-life backlights

Housed in Rugged, Compact Industrial Enclosures...

- NEMA / UL Type 1, 2, 12/4, or 12/4/4X (IP65 / IP66)

- Rated for Class I, II, III, Division 2 Hazardous Locations

- Rated for high operating temperatures (50°C / 122°F)

- High shock (15g) and vibration (1.0g)

- NEMA 4/4X rated for wash-down applications

Built for Long-Term Reliability...

- Field proven MTBF's greater than 250,000 hours

(check our Customer List)

- 3 year warranty on all monitors and touchscreens

At Industry Leading Prices


NEMA Rating

Tempered Glass

Touch Screen

Stainless Steel Add

12" Panel Mount





15" Panel Mount





17" Panel Mount





19" Panel Mount





19.5" Widescreen Panel Mount





20" Panel Mount





22" Widescreen Panel Mount





23" Widescreen Panel Mount





15" Universal Mount





17" Universal Mount





19" Universal Mount





19.5" Wide Universal Mount





22" Wide Universal Mount





23" Wide Universal Mount





15" Rack Mount





17" Rack Mount





19" Rack Mount





So how do we do it?

Economies of Scale. We start by interviewing partners who have developed state-of-the-art monitor electronics for high volume markets. We then select the best electronics with features especially important for industrial users, adapt them for industrial applications and test and certify that they will handle the rigors of the factory floor — high temperatures, humidity, dirt, dust, fluids, shock and vibration. All of our monitors are manufactured in our factory in Atlanta, GA.

Low Overhead. Because we rely on the best experts in the monitor industry, Hope Industrial Systems doesn't have the big overheads of electronics engineering departments like other industrial monitor suppliers. And because our partners produce for high volume markets they are able to continually update our electronics to take advantage of the latest technology. So you are assured of the most up-to-date and relevant technology available in the world.

Low selling costs. At Hope Industrial Systems we sell our product directly to the end user or system integrator — we don't have a huge sales force, a nationwide network of distributors stacking on their margins or manufacturers representatives who need to earn a commission.

There's a CATCH...

The catch is that you don't have to pay for the salary and expenses of a sales or service person who is sitting in a coffee shop around the corner in case you call. But at Hope Industrial Systems we don't sacrifice service - in the rare event that you need it, we have a 24-48 hour turnaround for repair for all standard models.

And Now for our Offer...

You don't need to pay those high prices for an industrial monitor. Or, if you are taking the risk of using plastic monitors in your factory, you now have an affordable option.

At Hope Industrial Systems we are extremely confident about our products and capabilities. And just to show you how confident we are, we offer a standard three-year limited warranty for all monitors and touchscreens, the longest in the industry!

So give one of our industrial flat panel monitors a try. We are so confident that you will like our products that we back them up with a Total Satisfaction Guarantee - if you aren't fully satisfied you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Industry Leading Service and Support

Industrial Monitor Firsts

  • First industrial monitor supplier to offer a THREE YEAR WARRANTY and a 30-day Total Satisfaction Guarantee
  • First 15" LCD NEMA 4/4X Industrial Monitor at a list price under $760
  • First 17" LCD Industrial NEMA 4/4X Monitor at a list price under $730
  • First 19" LCD Industrial NEMA 4/4X Monitor at a list price under $800
  • First 22" Widescreen LCD Industrial NEMA 4/4X Monitor at a list price under $890