Repairing Industrial Displays and Touch Screens

We work to minimize failures.

Hope Industrial monitors and touch screens are built to withstand even the harshest industrial environments. Because we are confident in the durability of our products, all Hope Industrial monitors are supported by:

Our years of experience in design and engineering allow us to build products that last many years in industrial settings.

Less than 1% of all Hope Industrial monitors produced
in the last 5 years have failed on their own

When damage occurs, we’re here to help!

Hope Industrial customers can expect many years of trouble-free operation, but failures will occur. Whether the damage is due to an accident on the floor or premature failure, Hope Industrial is here to help. We understand the importance of getting products repaired and back in working condition as soon as possible and we do everything we can to make it happen.

The Hope Industrial repairs department works diligently to ensure the problem is identified, a solution is implemented and the product is shipped back as quickly as possible. When we are able to duplicate the problem without needing any input from the customer, repairs can be made in an average of less than one business day.

Additionally, if the repair is urgent, we work to have the product repaired and shipped back to the customer the same day we receive it.

We do more than just repair the current issue.

We also:

  • perform a number of tests and inspections to identify any latent issues,
  • replace any other suspicious components (even those that are still working),
  • and clean the product’s exterior.

We work to get our products in “like new” condition as quickly and efficiently as possible and ship them back to our customers for many more years of service.

Our repair costs are reasonable.

When a product is no longer under warranty, repairs can be done at costs that are often surprisingly low to our customers. We always encourage our customers to consider repairs before scrapping any products. Often times, we can repair the product for a much lower cost than purchasing an entirely new unit.

For additional information on our repairs process, contact us at +1 (678) 762-9790 or

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