Industrial Monitor and Touch Screen - 17" Universal Mount

Base price: $915

Superior Picture Quality

  • Bright 250 NIT display, 1000:1 contrast ratio
  • High 1280 x 1024 Resolution

Rugged Universal Mount Enclosure

  • NEMA 4/4X rated for wash-down applications
  • High temperature range, up to 50°C (122°F)
  • High shock and vibration specs
  • Tempered Glass or Touch Screen Window

High Reliability

  • Field MTBFs greater than 250,000 hours
  • 40,000 hour backlight brightness half-life
  • 3-year warranty!

Multiple Mounting Options

  • Benchtop, Pedestal, Wall, and Arm Mounts

Industrial Certifications

17" Universal Mount Industrial Monitors and Rugged Touch Screens, fully enclosed, NEMA 4/4X

Base configuration: for other options see pricing

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The Universal Mount Industrial Flat Panel Monitors have been designed to provide the industrial user with superior picture quality and practical features. This advanced technology is housed in a rugged NEMA/UL Type 2, 12/4 or 12/4/4X industrial enclosure that can be installed in a variety of locations in the factory environment. The monitors can be mounted on pedestals anchored to the floor, attached to a wall, column or post or hung from the ceiling.

With a depth of 82.6 mm (3.25") they easily fit into small spaces. Like all of our Universal Mount Monitors, this display can be combined with a variety of keyboard, mount, KVM Extender, and even Thin Client/PC Enclosure options to create a full, stand-alone workstation.

These complete workstations can be assembled in the field or fully assembled and tested at our factory when ordered with our optional Workstation Assembly Service.

Rear Views

Standard Model
Powder-coated carbon steel version shown.
KVM Extender Option
Extends video, touch screen, and keyboard up to 1000' from computer. Stainless steel version shown.
VESA mounting holes and Side mount holes standard on all models!
Sealed conduit (optional)
Yoke mount (optional)
Sealed monitor controls
KVM Extender (optional)
Standard Model
Powder-coated carbon steel version shown.
KVM Extender Option
Extends video, touch screen, and keyboard up to 1000' from computer. Stainless steel version shown.
Rear views of 17" Universal Mount Monitors
VESA mounting holes and Side mount holes standard on all models!
Sealed conduit (optional)
Yoke mount (optional)
Sealed monitor controls
KVM Extender (optional)

Cable Exit Options

17" Universal Mount Monitor cable exit opening
Cable Exit
(Opening to Internal Connectors)

Cover plate with compression gland cable exit, HIS-UM17 shown
Compression Gland
(NEMA 2, 4, or 4X)
Cables installed and
sealed by the user
Cover plate with conduit elbow cable exit, HIS-UM17 shown
Conduit Cable Exit
(NEMA 4 or 4X)
3/4" conduit and fittings
(up to 22 ft.)
Cover plate with cable exit pilot hole, HIS-UM17 shown
Pilot Hole Cover Plate
(NEMA 4 or 4X)
Sealed plate may be
drilled by the user


  • Rugged NEMA/UL Type 2, 12/4 or 12/4/4X Enclosures
  • UL Rated for Class I, II, III, Division 2 Hazardous Locations (optional)
  • Rear cover panel options give user access to internal connections without compromising NEMA ratings
  • Industrial specs 0° to 50°C (32° to 122°F), high shock and vibration
  • Sealed rear controls accessible to user
  • 17" active-matrix LCD display
  • High resolution, high brightness and contrast
  • Analog Resistive Touch Screen, Tempered Glass, or Acrylic Protective Window options
  • Small footprint (W x H x D) - 416.6 mm x 354.1 mm x 82.6 mm (16.4" x 13.94" x 3.25")
  • 3-year warranty on parts and labor, including backlight



  • Thin-film Transistor (TFT) Active Matrix Liquid Crystal
  • Size - 17.0" diagonal
  • Image Size (W x H) - 338 mm x 270 mm (13.3" x 10.6")
  • Native Resolution - SXGA (1280 x 1024, 5:4 aspect ratio)
  • Plug and Play - VESA DDC 2B compatible
  • Minimum Resolution - VGA (640 x 480)
  • Pixel Pitch - 0.264 mm x 0.264 mm
  • Number of Colors - 16.7 million
  • Viewing Angle (Hori/Vert), typical - 170° / 160°
  • Brightness (white) - 250 nits (cd/m2) max
  • Contrast Ratio (typical) - 1000:1 (static); 10,000,000 (dynamic)
  • Backlight (typical) - LED; 40,000 hour brightness half-life
  • Tempered Glass Window (non-touch screen) - Chemically tempered glass; AR coated
  • Optional Acrylic Window (non-touch screen) - Acrylic glazing provides a scratch-resistant and
    shatter-resistant window; anti-reflective coating with 99% reduction of glare; thermal insulating and anti-static; 99% UV blocking


  • Input Connectors
    • HD-15
    • Optional BNC input (using HD-15 to 5-wire BNC adapter); see "Input Signal Formats" for a list of compatible video signals
    • Optional DisplayPort input (using DisplayPort to VGA adapter); call for details
  • Input Signal Formats
    • RGB Analog video, 0.7/1.0 Vp-p, 75 Ohms; Compatible sync modes: Separate H/V sync
    • NTSC/PAL composite input available; call for details
  • Horizontal Scan - 24-82 kHz
  • Vertical Scan - 50-75 Hz
  • Supported Video Standards - SXGA - 1280 x 1024 @ 60 Hz (native); 1024 x 768 @ 60, 70, 72, 75 Hz; 800 x 600 @ 56, 60, 72, 75 Hz; 720 x 400 @ 70 Hz; 640 x 480 @ 60, 75 Hz; see user manual for a full list of resolution and timing compatibility
  • Response Rate (typical) - 5 ms


  • Power Input - 100 to 240 VAC, 0.6/0.3 A, 60/50 Hz
  • Power Consumption (typical) - 20 W
  • Power Consumption (standby mode) - < 0.5 W


  • Environmental Rating - NEMA 2 (IP22), NEMA 4 or NEMA 4X (built to IP65/IP66 standards) when fitted with required cable exit plate. More on NEMA/IP ratings.
  • Type
    • Black powder-coated carbon steel - NEMA/UL Type 2 or 12/4 available (depending on cable exit)
    • Brushed stainless steel - NEMA/UL Type 2 or 12/4/4X available (depending on cable exit)
  • Cable Exit Options
    • Compression Gland Cable Exit - cables exit through compressed polyurethane foam or EPDM rubber and may be repositioned by the user. NEMA 2, 12/4, or 12/4/4X available.
    • 3/4" Conduit Cable Exit - cables exit through flexible conduit. Up to 6.7 m (22 ft.) conduit length. NEMA 12/4 or 12/4/4X available.
    • Cover Plate with Pilot Hole - NEMA 12/4 or 12/4/4X cover plate with pilot hole for use with customer-supplied cable exit gland.
  • VESA Mounting Holes - standard on all models - 100 mm square, M4 threads
  • Side Mounting Holes - standard on all models


  • Operating Temperature - 0° to 50°C (32° to 122°F)
  • Storage Temperature - -20° to 60°C (-4° to 140°F)
  • Humidity - 20% to 90% non-condensing
  • Operating Shock - 15 g, 6 msec, half-sine
  • Operating Vibration (sine) - 1.0 g, swept sine 9-500 Hz
  • Transport Vibration (random) - 0.1g² / Hz, 10-200 Hz; 0.03g² / Hz, 200-2000 Hz
  • Altitude - Operating: up to 10,000 feet; Non-operating: up to 40,000 feet
  • Environmental Sulfur Gas Protection Option - includes glass-armored touch screen, vapor-phase corrosion inhibitor, and extensive sealing; consult sales for details. More on Sulfur Gas Protection.


  • Panel Controls (rear access) - Up, Down, Power, 2 (Enter), 1 (Menu)
  • OSD (On Screen Display) Controls - Auto Image Adjust, Contrast / Brightness, Color Adjust, Information, Manual Image Adjust, Setup Menu, Memory Recall


  • Size (W x H x D) - 416.6 mm x 354.1 mm x 82.6 mm (16.4" x 13.94" x 3.25")
  • Net Weight
    • Black carbon steel model - 15 lbs.
    • Stainless steel model - 18 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight
    • Black carbon steel model - 18 lbs.
    • Stainless steel model - 21 lbs.
  • Shipping Box Dimensions - 21-5/8" x 20-3/8" x 6-7/8"

Compliances and Certifications

  • UL 60950 3rd Edition / cUL Listed Product (File No. E212889)
  • FCC Class A
  • CE
  • WEEE (Registration No. WEE/DJ1859ZX for UK only)
  • IEC 60721-3
  • UL 50E (File No. E212889)
  • Rated for Hazardous Locations (optional) - I.T.E. Listed for Class I, Division 2 for Groups A, B, C, and D; Class II, Division 2 for Groups F and G; Class III; Temp Code T5 (File No. E334953) per ANSI/ISA 12.12.01-2013. Note: Hope Industrial Systems provides wiring and conduit that complies with the U.S. National Electric Code but cannot rate wiring or conduit methods for hazardous locations, as these must be locally inspected and approved. The customer must install their hazardous location rated monitor in accordance with the applicable electrical codes for their location.

Touch Screen Option

  • 5-wire resistive system
  • Emulates a mouse
  • RS-232 or USB interface to host computer (both connections are present on touch screen monitors)

Keyboard Options

Mounting Options

KVM Extender Option

  • Extends video, touch screen, keyboard, mouse, and USB devices over shielded CATx cable
  • Distances up to 300 m (1000') over shielded Category 5 or higher UTP cable
  • Peripherals supported - USB, PS/2 or Serial mouse, USB or PS/2 keyboard, Touch Screen, most USB devices
  • KVM Extenders