Hope Industrial Systems Corporate Principles

  1. We will provide a high quality product, and back it up with an industry-leading warranty.
  2. We will be good servants to our customers by giving them superior support and service and by treating all customers equally well.
  3. We will be responsible stewards in how we handle the resources under our control.
  4. We will pay our suppliers a fair price according to our mutually agreed upon terms.
  5. We will strive for diversity in our work force.
  6. We will treat our employees with respect and compassion and pay them a fair wage.
  7. We will purpose to create an environment in which our employees will be productive and effective and yet be encouraged to keep God and their families first in their lives.
  8. We will seek to generate a fair and responsible profit in order to keep the company financially healthy for the long term and to fairly compensate owners for their money and risk.
  9. We will deal with people truthfully, honestly and with the highest degree of integrity.
  10. Our internal emphasis will be on providing superior products and service rather than acting in a predatory manner toward other companies supplying similar offerings.