Industrial Thin Client Operator Stations...

Full workstations starting at just $2,820!

  Industrial Operator Station with Thin Client Enclosure
Available 15", 17", 19", 19.5", 22", and 23" displays with optional touch screen
Integrated full-travel or short-travel keyboards
Sealed enclosure can be mounted on front or rear of pedestal
Internal air circulating fan moves air for optimal cooling (no outside air used)
Industrial DC power supply included
All cables routed internally and protected from the external environment
  Small footprint base bolts to the floor  

Just add the Thin Client or Small PC that works best for You

Hope Industrial's Thin Client Ready Industrial Operator Stations are self-contained workstations that provide a sealed, clean, and cool operating environment for a user-supplied thin client or small PC.

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With the workstation's fully sealed and ruggedized enclosure, most any commercial or industrial thin client can be used in an industrial environment. With our integrated cooling system, some commercial thin clients run cooler inside the enclosure than they would in an office environment. Read a full technical description.

Full workstations with monitor, keyboard, thin client enclosure, and pedestal start at just $2,820!

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  • Integrated industrial DC power supply (5/12, 5/24, or 19 VDC)
  • Cable routing trays for internal cable management
  • Optional NEMA 4X stainless or NEMA 4 carbon steel
  • Internal air circulating fan cools components without using outside air
  • Mounting plate with VESA and custom mounting holes
  • Internal accessory plate for mounting other equipment
  • Compatible with many Wyse, HP, Arista, and Advantech Thin Clients - Contact us for information on your model

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