New Assembly Service for Operator Workstations

May 23, 2011

Universal Mount Monitor Workstation Assembly Service

Hope Industrial Systems is pleased to announce our new System Assembly, Test and Packaging Service for our Universal Mount Monitors and associated options.

With this optional service, we will assemble the components that can be used with our Universal Mount Monitors, test them as a complete system, and package them as an assembled unit for shipment in one box.

This service allows you to simply remove the workstation from the box, mount it on the pedestal or arm, and connect the cables to be completely operational.

Over the years we have introduced a wide range of options for use with our Universal Mount Monitors, resulting in many unique configurations which must be assembled into a workstation. Depending on the application, this can include monitors, touch screens, keyboards, KVM Extenders, and mounting yokes. Our workstations are easy to assemble, but for a first-time customer it can take some time.

What is included with the service?

The System Assembly, Test and Packaging Service includes the following:

1. Assembling components into one workstation, including the following:

  • Universal Mount Monitor (any size)
  • Integrated KVM Extender
  • Industrial Keyboard
  • Yoke Mount
  • Cover Plate
Pre-assembled Universal Mount Monitor Workstation in shipping box

2. Connecting and securing cables inside the NEMA sealed connector housing

3. Testing all components to ensure good cable connections

  • Video signals
  • Keyboard and touch screen
  • KVM Extender

4. Packaging the workstation into a single box

What still must be done on-site?

We would like to do it all, but there are some things that can only be done on-site in your factory:

1. Running cables from the workstation to your computer or thin client

2. Mounting the workstation on a pedestal or arm if needed

3. For those using customer supplied cables, removing the cover plate and connecting the cables

4. For thin client enclosure customers, mounting the enclosure to the pedestal, installing the thin client (or small PC), and attaching the cables

Why don't we just do this for every order?

We distinguish ourselves as an industrial monitor supplier in many ways; two of them are our fast deliveries and low prices. Key to this is that we manufacture our products in Atlanta, GA in volume and then stock all the various options on the shelf for immediate shipment. So if you need, let's say, a monitor, keyboard and KVM Extender, we can ship all those out of stock immediately.

Pulling those options and then assembling them together is another step that many customers would prefer to do on their own. However, other customers have asked if we would just do it for them.

Why do we test it?

All of the components are tested in production but we test the entire workstation assembly so you can be assured that all the cables have been connected properly and nothing was overlooked.