New 20" Industrial Panel Mount Monitor

May 26, 2010

Hope Industrial Systems is pleased to announce that our new 20" Panel Mount LCD Monitor is in stock and available for immediate shipment. It offers the same resolution and aspect ratio as a 21" monitor on a slightly smaller image area. It is available with touch screen or protective window in either stainless or black powder-coated steel and has all the industrial features you have come to expect from Hope Industrial, including UL certification for use in Type 4/4X/12 environments.

20" Panel Mount LCD Monitors

So why has Hope Industrial Systems introduced a 20" monitor when they already have a 19" and 21"?

The answer is simple: the 21" monitor is going away; nobody is making 21" panels any longer. In fact, we made a last time buy of 21" panels from our suppliers over a year ago.

The 21" monitor had a 4:3 aspect ratio (height:width) but a 19" monitor is 5:4. This means for some customers, displays created for the 21" might not render accurately on the 19" (circles might look oblong).

So, we are introducing the 20" models for those customers who want:

  • a large display in the same size range as a 21" (11% difference in image area)
  • 1600 x 1200 resolution
  • 4:3 aspect ratio

Also, for those customers who have been using our 21" we are introducing an adapter that allows you to install the 20" monitor into the same cutout. With this adapter, the 20" is a drop-in replacement for our 21" unit.

20" Monitor in Adapter Bracket compared to 21" Monitor

How are the Hope Industrial Systems 19" and 20" monitors different from each other (besides the 1")?

First, here's what is exactly the same:

  • Bezel dimensions
  • Cutout size
  • Touch screen technology
  • Video and touch screen connectors

The main differences:

  • Display resolution (1280 x 1024 vs. 1600 x 1200)
  • Aspect ratio (5:4 vs. 4:3)
  • Image size (10% difference)

Other than the display resolution, the 19" and 20" monitors are drop-in replacements for each other.

ML19 vs. ML20 Comparison

For more details, please visit the new monitor's web page.