Sulfur Gas Protection on Touch Screen Monitors

July 1, 2015

Hope Industrial Systems is pleased to announce that after 8 years of testing in multiple factory environments, we are now offering a field-proven solution for industrial monitors in sulfur environments. Sulfur compounds can have disastrous effects on electrical components, especially monitors used in environments where sulfur is present.

Hope Industrial Systems is in our 16th year of providing high-quality, robust industrial monitors into some of the harshest factory environments imaginable.

How does Hope Industrial Systems protect monitors against sulfur damage?

For customers who may expose displays to sulfur, we offer special monitor models that incorporate the following features:

  • Glass-Armored Resistive Touch Screen
  • Custom touch screen which employs the same resistive-touch technology as our standard monitors. With the Armored screen, a micro-thin sheet of glass is laminated to the polyester top sheet. This glass layer creates a more uniform barrier against sulfur entrance.

  • Vapor-Phase Corrosion Inhibitor Emitter
  • This small device emits a continuous flow of vapor, which forms a protective coating on all metal surfaces. This coating adheres to the metal and connections inside the monitor, and provides long-term protection against corrosion by sulfur compounds and a host of other adverse conditions.

  • Touch screen permanently sealed to monitor bezel using epoxy
  • As we studied the effects of sulfur compounds damaging touch screens, we observed that sulfur gas had a propensity to enter into the touch screen through the seal between the screen and the monitor enclosure. This solution involves using epoxy to attach the touch screen to the monitor to the bezel, creating a polymeric barrier which helps keep sulfur out.

What if a monitor still succumbs to sulfur damage?

The presence of sulfur compounds in the environment can wreak havoc on electronics, and there are a host of ways in which it could find its way into an enclosure. Most monitor manufacturers, including Hope Industrial Systems, exclude damage caused by sulfur from their standard warranties. Because of this, Hope Industrial Systems now offers a special 3-year warranty that adds sulfur damage to our warranty, for our sulfur-protected monitors. This warranty costs $100.00.