Hope Industrial is Prepared for New RoHS2 Regulations

December 7, 2012

Over the years, Hope Industrial Systems has ensured our products meet the RoHS directive, working with our suppliers to comply with these regulations put into place in 2006 by the European Union to limit hazardous materials in electronic and electrical equipment.

Starting in 2013, a newly revised version of the 2006 RoHS directive, called RoHS2, will come into effect. The controlled hazardous substances are identical, but the RoHS2 applies the restrictions to more products that were previously exempt, including medical and monitoring/controlling products and individual cables that ship with our products.

As always, at Hope Industrial we will be prepared, and all of our eligible products will be fully compliant with RoHS2 by the deadline of January 3, 2013.

Customers may notice that instead of the "RoHS" label previously seen on products that are compliant with RoHS (top label), our labels will now just have the regular CE mark (bottom label), which now designates RoHS compliance.

RoHS label on Hope Industrial monitor label and new CE mark