UL Third-Party Testing Confirms IP66 Compliance

August 4, 2013

Damage caused to non-IP66 certified monitor

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) recently confirmed that our products, including all of our Universal Mount Monitors, monitor-mounted KVM products, Panel Mount Monitors, and keyboards, passed tests for IP66 environmental certification.

UL is a trusted third-party laboratory, and testing through UL provides extra assurance that the strict IP66 ratings, which indicate a high level of water and dust protection, are met.

This testing has been done on top of the UL NEMA 4X testing our products have also already completed and passed.

Both IP and NEMA ratings are "self-certifying," meaning manufacturers may specify their products meet the ratings without certification from an outside organization. However, Hope Industrial chose to take the extra step to do UL testing for both so we can provide our customers with added confidence that our products have the highest rating possible for the types of environments in which they are used. We believe added confidence makes a difference, and we hope you do too!