Taking the Extra Step to Meet IEC Standards

April 16, 2013

IEC logo

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is the preeminent organization that creates and publishes worldwide standards for the performance and safety of electronics. Hope Industrial Systems believes in providing our customers with the highest quality products possible that meet the most stringent regulations for performance and safety, which is why we’ve adopted the IEC standards for a number of our main products. By taking this extra step, we hope to provide our customers with additional assurance of the high quality of our products.

Our 15", 17", 19" (except RL19), 20", and 22" monitors are tested according to IEC standards, confirming that in industrial settings, while operating, being transported and being stored, the monitors can withstand the required levels of high humidity, vibration, shock, heat, and exposure to liquids.

To test, we start by using IEC classification to determine the conditions a Hope Industrial Systems monitor could be subject to, taking into consideration its intended storage, transport, and operation. Then we used IEC standards to determine the tests that we will utilize to recreate these conditions in the lab. Next, the monitor undergoes every test necessary to qualify it for the rating indicated for the environment it’s classified under. The monitor needs to pass all the required tests to conform to the IEC standard. Criteria to pass the test include remaining operational until the end of the test and showing no signs of degradation once the test is finished.

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Industrial Monitors in testing chambers for IEC standards
Testing of Hope Industrial monitors for temperature, humidity, shock, and vibration